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    Can Anyone Help me with Vbulletin?

    Hey all,

    Just trying to upgrade to the latest version of vb but i have had a problem with the database. I got the database saved of 400mb or so, i was hoping if someone could try and load it up as i just cant seem to get it working and it keeps crashing on my computer.

    Il be really greatful for any help or any other instructions

    Here is the site btw
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    if you open the database with a decent editor then you can upload each table individualy, they will still be huge themselves but not so big that it times out on you, I had a database of similar size and thats what i had to do and it worked a treat although time consuming...

    One word of advice do it on a practice board first make sure it goes in correctly...

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    Just upload the .sql file and ask your host to import it for you. No need to waste time splitting the file and hoping it doesn't crash. Would take forever with a 400MB file.

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    If you have a shell account, it is easier to do.
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    If you continue to have trouble, feel free to PM me and I can help you restore the database
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    Looks like you've already got the latest version of the software running. I wouldn't worry about upgrading to 3.5 just yet as Jelsoft have yet to release the beta package...
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