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    little survey

    i am doing a little survey on what people think a realistic hosting packages would be.thanks in advance for your reply

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    If you sift through the "offers" section, you will see what many hosting companies have deemed as realistic (or overselling types of) hosting packages.
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    Have you even found someone who will givve you a month free if they do not respond to your support needs within 15 minutes?

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    It really depends on what comes with the plan. Does it have a lot of space and bandwidth but no support? Does it have less space and bandwidth, but more support?

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    I agree with iThaka. A "realistic" plan depends on how much you spend. If you ask what a realistic plan for $7.95/mo, then I would say about 3 GB storage & 40-50 GB data transfer/mo, approximately.
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    thanks for your helps out

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    Realistic prices depends on your cost.

    We might have a server with 1200GB bandwidth and 40GB hard drive which costs us $69. WIthout much overheard we dont have to charge much because our resources are cheap.

    On the other hand you might have a fully managed server for $399 a month with only 250GB transfer... there for you might have to charge $14.95 on something we would only charge $7.95 (vice versa).

    Take your total costs (server, software, licensing, staff, phone #, etc). Then give yourself a specific profit margin (I do 30-50% depending on the services). Now that you have a rough figure of what you want/need to make... take that number and divide it by the amount of plans that can comfortably fit on that server and you will get a ballpark price of what each client needs to pay for you to reach your goals.

    Of course everyone does things different and this is a very basic way of planning out your pricing, but it works.

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    not so much the price .but the package it self

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    I feel that realistic is a relative term. What I feel is realistic is complete 180 degrees of what you may consider it to be. I would say a plan is as realistic or unrealistic as the needs of the person looking to buy it compared to that of the wants of the person selling it. The actual setup numbers of the plans are arbritrary if the two do not meet and form a tangable hosting agreement.

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