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    handheld to view files

    Looking for a handheld just to view pdf word,html etc files
    Sometimes i just feel like continuing to read some tutorial etc but sit in that nice relaxing chair

    Preferably something with wireless support to make it all very easy

    Any ideas?

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    well, any handheld devices running windows mobile edition should allow those capabilities. Nowadays, most pda's or smartphone allow that anywayy, even my Nokia 7710 mobile allows me to view/edit/and create MS Word and Excel files!

    Id recommend the imate's.
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    The new PalmOne 'LifeDrive : Mobile Manager' is sweet!

    It has a 4GB HD, WiFi, Bluetooth ...
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    looks good

    screen is a bit small though, any devices which have more screen?

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    If that LifeDrive was a PDA phone, I'd be sold. Why is it you can never find all the options you want/need on one device? I just opened a new thread requesting reviews on a couple PDA phones although neither one has all the options I'd like.

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