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    windows xp sp2 socket errors


    I have Windows XP sp2 server and when I run program that use many sockets i get socket error 10055 - not enough buffer space.
    This problem happens only on win xp, not on windows 2000 / 2003.

    How can I solve it?

    Thanks in advance

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    hi michel,

    Error 10055 means that Windows has run out of TCP/IP socket buffers because too many connections are open at once.

    Things to check if this happens are:

    * Is there any other TCP/IP software running on the same PC as VPOP3 - eg a proxy server
    * If you are using 'MX Sending' (on the Out Mail tab in VPOP3), then we recommend that you use the latest version of VPOP3 (1.4.0c or later)
    * If VPOP3 is running on Windows 95, make sure you have the kernel updates which fixed a resource problem which could cause this error
    * If you have a lot of client computers connecting to VPOP3 either make them connect less frequently, or make sure you are running VPOP3 on Windows NT or 2000 as that has less of a limit on the number of available buffers.
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    Maybe you need the tcpip patch discussed here:

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