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    Domain name and self hosting

    I have a registered domain name that I wish to host myself but I am not sure of how DNS would work in this instance. How would I go about registering this domain name with my IP address? Would I need to pay for this service or are there free services available? Could I run my own DNS server?

    I have searched through Google and have not found the answers to my questions and so I thought I would post my questions here.

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    Does your registrar offer DNS hosting with their domains? I know that eNom (and their resellers) offer it. Directi offers it for a small annual fee. I'm sure there are others, but those are the two we deal with.

    There is also another 3rd party solution that is (or at least was) free. It is

    Does that help you?

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    You can also use for your dns management

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    You would need a dedicated IP. Provided you have that, you need to add nameserver information for your domain in your domain control panel where you would enter your ip and the corresponding domain name for your dns. You could either run your own local dns, in which case you would enter the ip for your local dns, or you could pay for a dns like wire mentions. I don't know of any free dns services but they might exist - probably not terribly reliable if they do.
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    I belive afraid . org (can't post a site yet) provides free dns services. If you want to host your own site and you have a dynamic IP address they support dynamic DNS, and they have several clients for Win32 and UNIX available.

    I've used them in the past and they were pretty reliable.

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    Zonedit and Granite Canyon also provode free DNS service
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    It is very evry easy.

    1) - Get a domain name with ( They have a very nice control panel which supports A Record / CNAME / URL redirection / MX records ) etc

    2) - You have to assign a Static IP to your web server.

    3) - Set up A Record from your registerfly account so the traffic can be switched easily to the web server using registerfly's default DNS.

    Other registrars also provide the Advance DNS zone settings so you can try others as well.

    If you dont have Static IP address then you need to use Dynamic DNS.
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