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    How do I change the the name on the shell prompt


    Does anyone know how to change the name for the shell prompt once you login to shell, I have multiple servers and want to keep track of each shell prompt since most of the time I have multiple prompts open on my computer and forger what server is what.

    Right now it says

    [email protected]

    and I want it to say

    [email protected]

    I have changed setting in the host file, but that does not work so I believe there is a shell program file that needs to be changed so I can customize what I am needing.

    Any help would be greatful.

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    I'm pretty sure that this is correct for RedHat, but I don't have a box handy to make sure...

    Edit /etc/hostname and make it contain the server name you desire, then run 'hostname <the host you want>' as root to change the running instance. Make sure the new hostname has an entry in /etc/hosts as well, or some programs that use networking may have trouble. Subsequent logins should then use the new hostname.

    This belongs in another forum, as well.

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    or change the value of $PS1

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