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    SPAM from my server

    Hello everyone,

    This is the message that we recd. from our datacenter.

    we detected an abnormal amount of outbound UDP traffic (approximately 185 Mbps). The traffic is originating from your server

    [XX.XX.XXX.XXX] directed to [XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX]. A brief investigation indicates that your server may be compromised. We found some

    malicious processes running and have killed them.

    Malicious Processes
    26960 nobody 25 0 2460 1112 632 R 24.0 0.1 4236m 3 perl
    11412 nobody 25 0 2816 1672 856 R 6.3 0.1 0:54 2 perl

    We ran chkroot but found to we ensure that this does not ocur again.

    Please suggest what to do.
    if we block mail() we will not be able to send emails from our websites.


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    Firstly are you running a Linux server or Windows server? Whichever your running I would do the normal security procedures for that OS.

    Other than that, I would wait for the advice of people who have more experienc inserver admin.

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    sorry for not not giving enough details in the last post.

    My server is a Redhat Enterprice 3, with cpanel WHM latest update.

    PHP is 4.3.11

    As basic security measures I had installed firewall.

    Please help.


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    Hire someone to take a look at the server for you and harden it as needed. Its a waste of your and your customers time (if you have any of course) to be asking for this kind of help on a forum

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    Thanks nadtz,
    actually this is a new server and its going to host only a few of my websites.
    So I can't spend a huge ammount if you guys can just guide which software is to be installed or which option to be taken care of may be i will be able to learn more.

    I am only starting, hope you will shed some light.


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    I would suggest that you spend justa bout $100 or so to get someone to harden the server as it will pay off in dividends later

    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    Hang on - someone "who knows" will surely come and help you out - We all learn the hard way and as 'jatos' said, 'wait for advice' -

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