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    ubersmith sucks!!

    theyre hosted billing desk has been running so SLOW, GOD.
    Im a client of a host who uses their desk and have 50 services on my account and it takes FOREVER, and has a lot of downtime recently.

    its the ubersmith hosted panel, god what is up with them!
    the host says theyve told ubersmith and theyve still lacked at doing anything to fix it.

    theres times when its not even accessible for a while.

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    Ubersmith does run slow in the mornings for UK customers as most of their base is US however Boo and his team are getting a new server online very shortly which will help. Also they will be getting a "local copy" ready which you can install on your own server

    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    We are too using Ubersmith, and what's going on this morning is totally unacceptable, we rely on them to run the majority of our billing and support, and are going to have to move on to something else if they can't get it sorted soon enough (within the next 24 hours).

    It's very hard to run a business when people can't pay you.


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    Same here. I love ubersmith, I love the product and my clients love it. We switched from Modernbill to Ubersmith and our clients have pointed out how much better they like it. Their support and staff has also been top notch.

    The only issue I've had with them is the server issues. It is sporadic...sometimes nice and fast, other times it creeps along and this can last for a couple of hours at times.

    The real problem I have is we are now using this as our Help Desk and clients cannot fill out support tickets when the server is acting up. I really do hope they get this taken care of soon or have the non-hosted version soon. I just hope that doesn't mean moving clients just after moving everyone over last month from Modernbill.

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    Hey guys,
    Believe me, we've heard about the trouble that people are having with the system. We've been having it too, as we naturally use the system to run our own business. There have been two causes for the system's slowness.

    1)We've had a lot of problems with people scanning our ip block by people looking for various exploits. Each time it happens, it eats up a lot of resources and ends up slowing things down for everyone else. We have been blocking the incoming ip addresses as soon as we realize there is a problem. This has been a particularly frustrating problem. We are still looking into ways to stop this once and for all.

    2)In the late evening, the nightly invoicing script runs for all of the instances on the box. This has particularly affected our customers in the UK and on the west coast. To correct this we have just commissioned a second ubersmith server which we will be moving some ubersmith instances to today and tomorrow. This should lighten the load and reduce the time that the nightly scripts take to run.

    Finally, we are now working full bore on the downloadable verison of the system. As i had detailed on our own forums, various things had come up that delayed progress on it, but those are all out of the way now and it is our chief priority. Believe me, we want it out as much as you guys do. Our goal is to have it available within the next month or so.

    Overall, things are definitely moving along and we are constantly looking to improve. If anyone has any comments or issues with the system that you think we need to hear, please don't hesitate to email [email protected]. Thanks.

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    You know how good a provider is when leaving them is as enjoyable as joining. We tried Ubersmith, and it simply didn't suit our requirements, but Boo was very "gracious in defeat".

    Good luck with the new version mate.


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    We don't use the built in support, but rather we use Cerberus, so I'm not logged into the system enough I guess to notice the slowness.

    But I must say that I do enjoy ubersmith. We've used modernbill and lpanel and ubersmith is by far the simpler of them out of the box, but also has an extensive API that you can do pretty much anything with. I'm learning PHP right now actually to see if I can do some fun stuff with ubersmith.

    But aside from the apparent slowdowns, it really is a great system, and boo and the team are fantastic about responding to emails and what not.

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