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Thread: Edit php.ini

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    Edit php.ini


    i'am newbie.. i need to know the easy way to edit the php.ini

    i have Putty and WS FTP Pro

    as i have ask my friend and he tell me you need Putty know. i'am in the Putty programs i just need to know how can i find the php.ini and how can i open it .. and modify the setting such safemod etc.. and then save as..

    Please help me


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    in ssh, type this

    1) updatedb
    2) locate php.ini
    3) open it using a text editor, close and save it

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    If you are really a newbie (I guess you are because of your post) then follow this instructions:

    1. Connect to your server using putty by setting your server's IP
    2. Login with the login info provided by your provider.
    2a. If the login isn't root then type "su" and hit enter, it will ask you for the root password, enter it (it won't show what you're typing) and hit the enter key.
    3. Type "locate php.ini" and look for the results.
    4. If the result is something like "/usr/local/lib/php.ini" then it means that's the path where the file is located.
    5. Using pico, nano or ed (those are text editors, you can verify if any of them is installed in your server by typing it's name, if you get a "not found" message then it means that you don't have it installed) open the file including the full path. If your server has nano you should type "nano /usr/local/lib/php.ini"
    6. Locate the lines that need to be modified and save the file (what you need to type to save the file is different from editor to editor).
    7. Reload apache so that the canges become effective. You can do so by using "/etc/init.d/httpd restart" if you are using a RedHat-based Linux distro or by locating the file apachectl (using "locate apachectl") and entering the full path to the apachectl file and then the word "restart" (something like "/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl restart")

    That should do it.

    BTW: if you still haven't figured out how to edit that file maybe you should consider hiring an experienced server admin.

    P.S. And please make sure that you are on a dedicated server or VPS, otherwise you can't edit the php.ini file
    Fabio A. Calderon

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