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    Help with address formatting, shipping item to service man in Iraq.

    I recently sold an item on eBay to a man serving in Iraq. Here is the address he gave me.

    PFC (Name Blanked)
    66th MI CO 3rd ACR
    APO AE 09379

    I am at the USPS site and am not sure where I should put what. Would Camp Stykes be the city? And would 66th MI CO 3rd ACR be address 1 and be APO AE 09379 adress 2?

    Thanks for the help,

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    I'm sure this isn't the exact answer you are looking for, but:

    You are going to have to go to UPS to drop the box off (to ship it), so why not just ask the experts(UPS) when you go?
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    Actually, I do Carrier Pickup. I just tell them to look for the package at my mailbox.

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    How he gave it to you is exactly how you want to list it out.

    PFC (Name Blanked)
    66th MI CO 3rd ACR
    APO AE 09379

    Exactly like that. You may have to put it like this though due to limitations on their automated printing slip creation.

    C/O PFC
    Camp Stykes
    Apo AE 09379

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    Still lost.

    So would it be:

    Name: PFC Jon Smith
    Address:66th MI CO 3rd ACR
    APO AE 09379
    Country: Iraq


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    APO and FPO addy's are considered domestic by the USPS. APO is usually in New York (shipped from there) from what I remember. You should label it exactly as he has shown.

    This may help:

    What is APO / FPO?
    This is a military designated address that allows mail to be delivered to overseas locations at domestic rates.

    The format for a military address according to US Postal Service FAQ page:

    Instead of a city and state, these addresses use APO (Army Post Office) or FPO (Fleet Post Office), along with "AE" (mail going to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and portions of Canada), "AP" (the Pacific) and "AA" (for the Americas and portions of Canada). Therefore, the bottom line of overseas military addresses is: APO or FPO; followed by AE, AP, or AA; and then the ZIP Code.
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    If the person entered the address then mail it precisely with the address he gave you.

    jasong: UPS does not deliver to military units in Iraq

    USPS gets the mail to the military in theater and they distribute from there. USPS has enough granularity in the address to get it to theater.

    Camp Stykes is the "Camp" or "Compound" he is in. It is used by the military to route the package to the proper camp in Iraq. Once it gets to his camp they will then give it to his unit who will get him the package.
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    DevilDog not sure if you can help but I was wondering if I can ask you something about APOs. It has been a long time since I used APO's and can't get my sister to understand how it works.

    My sister has friend whose son is in Iraq and sends him care boxes that have individual packages in them that he gives out to fellow military members, the problem is that they are large heavy boxes and they costed her an arm and a leg the last time she sent them. She wanted to know about using FedEx because my sister works for them and can normally do it cheap EXCEPT that UPS and FedEx can't ship to FPO/APOs.

    So she was wondering is there any way to find out where and APO goes out of (isn't it like seattle or New York depending on where they are going) specifically it is the same APO zip listed above (09379) and FedEx it to someone there (maybe a family service center) and have them APO it overseas?

    Not sure if I've explained it well enough for you to help but hope you can soon.

    Thank you for any assistance you can give.

    Scott Bacon

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    nevermind ...
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    Try ringing them up and ask them, they will know best. If they wont post it phone the military and ask what they reccomend.
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