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    Recurring transactions payment processor for India

    Can anyone tell me the best recurring transaction processor for india

    I am with 2co currently, but i am not satisfied with 2co.

    I have placed ticket to 2co before 3 days ago for a urgent questions, but got no reply, its not just 1 issue, i have many issue with 2co to dislike.

    So i want another payment processot who can process recurring transations.

    Can anyone help me

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    On the top of my head i would suggest Worldpay, they do take Indian Merchants and ar very serious and safe.

    There are a lot of others out there, as you can see in this forum and through a google search.

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    I would recommend the same as fun2fun.

    Worldpay is a very good and safe option.
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    I have enquired with them they have 160GBP annual charge+100GBP installation free.

    Is it necessary to take their additional product "Future pay" Which is additional 100GBP.

    I want to process only recurring payments

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