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    VeriSign DNS Rapid Update details

    Can anyone tell me what it really means? Yes, I know it was put into effect awhile ago, but I still don't know its exact implications.

    I want specifics, and none of that "near" real-time nonsense. Is it updated every 5 minutes? Are all servers updated simulataneously? How does it work?

    If I transfer my domain to a different server (different nameservers), does this mean it will take less than 5 minutes?
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    It's simply this.

    Whereas before the Verisign com net registry used to receive all
    updates from its registrars and submit the changes to the 13 root
    servers every 12AM and 12PM, they now submit them at least 5
    minutes after receipt.

    One implication of this is that it can result in "faster propagation"
    if you're especially switching DNS. Many threads both here and
    other forums verify this.

    In fact, on the day it went live, I posted here and asked people to
    post their results to see if it's true. And practically all of them did
    confirm it's happening.

    So if you transfer your domain's DNS to a new pair, your registrar
    will submit them to the registry, the registry submits them at least
    5 minutes after to the 13 root servers, then the ISPs query them
    and update their cache.

    Of course, it still depends on how soon your registrar submits the
    change/s and how soon your ISP updates as well. But at least the
    rapid DNS has helped cut down the waiting time.

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    perfect reply Dave

    more info can be found at
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