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    Need a host that can do a few things. Any help?

    I'm about to start another website, and I need a few things, but its so hard to find a good host with all the spam on the net I was hoping some of you could help me out.

    I need a windows host with umlimited subdomains, no limit on the number of concurrent guests online, and perl support.

    I have two websites with hostsave, which is nice for the bandwidth I use, but this new site needs subdomains which hostsave doesnt offer, plus its a unix server which I dont like (upper/lower case being different files), plus it has a really old version of php. I dont need a whole lot of bandwidth either.

    So do any of you have any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot.

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    84 might help or just got for the host quote. Theres plenty of hosts out there that meet your needs.

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    A wise place to look would be to get a quote from various companies at

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