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    Do you use Mod_gzip on your server

    i am currently using mod_gzip and i just wanted to know how many of you use it. Or how many of your host has it installed. What hosting companies use it.

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    We use it on a few servers, although not our high traffic servers due to higher load.
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    I am not using it. I think if you have a CPU power to spare then sure, go ahead, use it.

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    nope, we use mod_deflate though, which pretty much provides the same functionality

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    Nope; 98% of my traffic is pdf files and gzipped tarballs, so mod_gzip wouldn't accomplish anything.
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    You'll probably find a generalized 50/50 result here.

    Weigh up which resource is more scarce - bandwidth or CPU, and you'll easily be able to see which is best for you.

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    well what major companies use it, hosting companies.

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    Put it this way, if you have the resources available, then it is a great thing to use, but some people who do not have the best resources choose not to use it. You can do anything GZIP does, GZIP just makes things quicker and easier.


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    the voting shows that about 23 of 32 people use mod gzip. Who are your companies.

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    i meant 14 of 25

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    We used it to combine with php and zend optimizer, to our amaze, php sites are now fast...
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    well it it just for your clients or for your site on 1 server. Plus do you have anything that can see how much bandwidth you save before and after

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