As some of you may know I am on the Wrestling Team.
We got rocked by the respected Wisconsin Rapids at Team State. We placed 2nd.

I went out to Freestyle Nationals and took 14th. That's 14 out of over 60. Another guy on our team took 1st, this is Nationals. He's 51-0 in State Rankings. I'm 6-1 on varisty. I'm only a Sophmore, I usually Wrestle JV.
I went out there, all my hard work and dedication brought me to 14th. I hope to claim State championships with my next two years, as Max is my wrestling partner. He's placed in state 4 times, won 2 out of the 4.

It's very emotional to see all of our 9 seniors on our team leave. They have brought us to State 4 times. These guys are trully the best out there. WI Rapids just has too much power. We should've beat them, but we didn't. Our hearts were just not there. It was mentally exausting.