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    Hello all!

    I would like your reviews on my website, FeatureHosting.Net .

    The only thing I have left to do is optimize my website for faster loading times, but other than that, I would appreciate your comments!

    Thanks a lot,

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    Takes WAY too long to load.

    The "Why do we allow overselling" block is slightly inset to the right by 2-3 pixels of the rest of that left side and the left "border" line for the blocks is not contiguous (not sure it is supposed to be or not).

    The flash takes forever to load - people would actually likely leave before it loaded as I read every word on your front page and was done and it still hadn't finished.

    Beyond that the design looks good, if a bit 'busy'. Nice and clean, easily readable though I'd eprsonalyl prefer slightly darker text. Nice colour choices.
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    All in all, your site loaded fine for me. (DSL) Here's what I noticed:

    **My initial impression is good. Your site looks fresh and clean and the wording is also excellent on the main page.

    **Your affiliates link is confusing because it links to another host (Orange Piranha). I'm not sure if you own that site or if it's a reseller of yours' or visa versa, but regardless, this would be a red flag for me not to go with you.

    Everything else looks good! I like your site as a whole!

    Good luck!

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    Thanks guys, I'll take your advice into consideration.

    Yes OrangePiranha is owned by me, although it is mostly a web dev. site. I just need to update it and having the hosting plans refer to FeatureHosting.

    But, thanks again!

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    Site looks ok - but more of a general comment.

    I would never buy from you because I don't know what I am getting.

    On your main page, reseller started says 1G/15G, then the details say 1G/35G - I don't know what I would be buying!

    I recommend that you take the time to go thru your whole site and make sure that there is nothing conflicting - conflicts like this scream incompetent - if my host cannot get their own website right what chance have they got of providing me a decent service.

    I didn't notice the flash load-time problem - because I block flash in my browser - I am sick to death of seeing flash used where it adds no value (flash should be used simply for games on websites imho)
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    The site is well designed but as mention in other posts there is far too much text, and it all merges together when reading. apart from that a nice layout good choice of colours. Good Luck

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