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    Integrahost opinions

    I have searched through these forums for any information on IntegraHost and nothing has come up.

    Has anyone heard of this company?

    They seem too good to be true.

    I can't post the URL since I'm a new user, but you can probably guess what it is.

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    Unmetered Bandwidth, do not be fooled by that. Read their terms of service, it always mentions terms to having unmetered bandwidth. Better be safe then sorry, search around and compare with other hosting companies

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    Yeah, I assumed as much by reading these forums. Still, for $7.95, what have I got to lose?

    I was seriously considering PowWeb, but I need MySQL reliability for hosting a web forum (phpbb).

    My needs are 300 MB (including space for forum) and 35 GB per month.

    Here's my short list so far:


    Pros: Been in business for a long time and seem to be reliable for general website use. Inexpensive.

    Cons: MySQL errors reported recently. Deal-breaker for forums.


    Pros: Heard lots of good things about them here. Price is pretty good.

    Cons: Unless I pay for a year up front, it costs $50 to setup. I don't know what "Custom DNS" is, but I don't get it with the "cheap" plan.


    Pros: Heard some good things about them here. I think they have everything I need to run phpbb.

    Cons: Same as Dreamhost. Gotta pay year up front to get discount. Their website isn't too clear on what you get.


    Pros: They IMed me after I sent in a request for info. The sales person guaranteed they will deliver what they state. No hidden quotas, blah, blah. Inexpensive. They setup and install phpbb for you for free.

    Cons: I haven't heard jack about this company. When Googling, the only two sites I found that are hosted by this company are suspended.


    Pros: The ULTRAspecial 7 package is the cheapest I've seen and has everything I could hope for including a preinstalled phpbb forum (I think).

    Cons: Not many reviews here or on the web. Some bad reviews here, but I have doubts about UltraSurge's culpability.
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    Discovered something interesting about Site5...

    If you go over your bandwidth allotment, your site isn't disabled. Instead, you are charged $2.50 per GB. I'd rather justget locked out and pay for an upgraded level of service than find out I owe a load of money after the fact.

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    Judging from the two suspended sites I would say maybe they went over on their 'unlimited bandwidth'?

    You just never know! Nonetheless I would steer clear and look for an alternate.
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    We stand behind our unmetered bandwidth, you guys can try to knock it all you want, there are some guidelines you do have to meet, but nothing crazy. We have a hundreds of satisfied clients. We care alot about our customers, because they are what our business is.

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    The promo code DREAMRAILS will save $97 on a year of prepaid service from DreamHost or cover the setup cost on month-to-month. I've had great luck with them.

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