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    Question Help with Voiceover Script Needed

    Afternoon everyone,

    I am setting up my phone system and have decided to hire a professional to do some voiceover work for me. She is asking for a script to use and I am completely stuck on where to begin.

    I know WHT has alot of creative people here and I was hoping together, we could back out a script for her to use.


    "Thank you for calling DataDork"

    Beyond that I am stuck.... Help!
    James Edmonds
    DataDork Consulting

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    What about:

    "Thank you for calling DataDork, <insert slogan here>. If you know your parties 3 digit extension, please dial it now. Otherwise, please listen carefully for the options. For sales, dial 1...ect..."

    Just keep it simple. (I say that now, but yes, my toll free number intro is long; only because we are announcing a policy change.)
    Lee W.

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    Welcome to DataDork - please wait whilst we connect you with a consultant.
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    Thank you for calling DataDork your 24 hour internet online service with the best content and features available anywhere online. If you have a touch tone phone and know the extension of the person or department you are trying to reach, please enter it now. Otherwise, please listen carefully and select one of the following options....
    Main menu....
    To.... please press 1
    et cetera

    This is an excerpt from an old AOL script

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    Thank you for calling DataDork's telephone support system. Please wait as our system connects you to one of our highly-trained staff members.

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