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    Currently, I am a reseller and I have a domain that would like to host, but my host does not support specific file uploading that one of my web sites require. I would like the domain "" DNS/name servers to be point to my companies NS1. and NS2. without hosting the web site, and I am unable to figure out how to do this.

    So I was thinking, maybe hosting this one web site with another company, and make the domains point to this new web sites IP, but then when people are surfing the web site and want to copy/paste the URL, it will show an IP address rather than the domain, which is not very professional.

    How can I get this web site online, with my own NS1 name servers while I am still using them with another company with a resellers account.


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    You need to have a hosting company that gives you a set of dedicated IPs. Then, you can create your NS records if your register gives you an advances DNS admin panel. With some registars, Godaddy for instance, it is very easy to do given you have yours IPs in hand.
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    Reseller hosting is what you will be needing. You will not be able to create private nameservers with a shared account.

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    yes, you will need another reseller account, then ask the provider setup your NS1/2. You will need to create these NS in your domain control panel as well. Dont need dedicated IP, just shared IP is ok. Make sure that to create A records for these NS in your site DNS zone

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