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    How much bandwidth to start out with for web hosting

    I own 2 dedicated servers at servermatrix and serverpronto. 1 has 1200 gb/month bandwidth 80gb hard drive while the other only has 200 gb/month bandwidth and 40 gb hard drive.

    1st question: Are any of the above numbers good to start out with then slowly upgrade after it's filled?

    2nd question: If these numbers are too low, what do you recommend I get to start out with?

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    200gb/month is kinda low to start out with. You can maybe get like 6 customers on it? ~30GB/Person maybe...

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    Depends on the customer base you are targeting. many small personal and even small organizational and busiess customers don't use 1-5GB/month - despite their plans having 50GB.

    Using what appears to be standard overselling you could put about 30-50 10GB plans on that 200GB server. If you aren't overselling then the 6 Camp2win mentions.

    If you are hosting alrger clients that may have more requirements then definitely the 200GB will be limited. I do think for a startup the smaller machine is quite sufficient. Since you already have both it's a moot point
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    Thanks for the input!

    So basically, 400gb of bandwidth/month should be a good start? Or 800gb? I don't want to go too high in the beginning.

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    You can upgrade anytime really. So yeah, you can start with 400.

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    You don't need 400 or 800 GB if you don't have any customers and just starting out.

    See most DCs have packages with 1000GB and up. OK you started with a smaller package.

    Here what I would do.

    Start your business like you have a 1000GB or what ever is the biggest server that DC allows you to upgrade too.

    Now after you start getting customer and the bandwidth starts going up then buy an upgrade from the data center.

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