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  1. #1 Dedicated Server Specs/Limitations?

    Does anyone have any info on Godaddy's dedicated server specs?

    I cant find any info on the site as to what actual version of plesk they are using, and in particular the mysql/php versions.

    Reason being I have a 10 site setup requiring MySQL (4.0 or higher with InnoDB support) & fopen.

    Also are their any particular limitations or quirks in the godaddy servers as I'd hate to sign up for 12 months for a server i couldnt use!

    Thanks in advance!
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    If you cant find the information you are looking for (and it is not posted on their website) then I would find another host.

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    oh dear, i obviously need more sleep time

    Thanks guys
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    Anyone know as to what Plesk version they're using now for their dedicated servers ? Is it Plesk 8.1 ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by anjanesh View Post
    Anyone know as to what Plesk version they're using now for their dedicated servers ? Is it Plesk 8.1 ?
    Concerning Godaddy customer want do a direct and complete inquiry to sales and if it does not reply clearly send the inquiry directly to Bob staff and you will obtain a decent reply. Note that Godaddy is no clearly in some items. Example: Godaddy VDS (VPS) has not VZPP for customers and the user have to request a reboot by ticket but Godaddy does not inform this. Concerning physical servers note: if you want support you have to pay (and much!!) for this. Note again: Godaddy oversells. Conclusion: avoid Godaddy at all cost and seek for a server in Gnax, Softlayer, Layered Tech etc and you will be happy!!

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    On the dedicated hosting sales page, scroll down, click the FAQ tab and you'll see a link for "What software comes with my dedicated server", click that link for a listing of software.

    As of July 18th, 2007, newly provisioned and re-provisioned Dedicated/Virtual Dedicated Servers, ordered with the Plesk add-on, will get Plesk verison 8.2.
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