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    Windows VPS, ColdFusion and Access


    I am looking for a Virtual Private Server Windows, with ColdFusion and Access, I would prefer with a lot of space MS-SQL in other cluster server


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    Ok, thanks

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    look at the price~~so expensive.

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    Originally posted by skyaus
    look at the price~~so expensive.
    Yes, because the licence of ColdFusion is expensive,

    I would like know some other vps with ColdFusion for compare

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    Have you seen

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    Coldfusion licenses are expensive. Power power pack comes with support for coldfusion but it will not provide license. You have to separately purchase the license.

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    Same Request

    I'm looking for a windows based VPS or semi-dedicated host. My site is coldfusion based with a access database. Have there been any new hosts to offer what I need? The one provided is a little out of my price range.

    Most of the coldfusion VPS providers are Linux based and I have no Linux experience. Will I still be able to run a Site off Linux with no experience? Are their hosts that will help with Linux support. I can change the Access DB to MySQL If i need to.

    Thanks for the information....

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    You will be able to run on Linux if you're not using CFX tags. I have switched my site from Windows / MS SQL to Linux / MySQL and back without major issues.

    Have a look at - they are a small but interesting host.
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    Quote Originally Posted by augustino

    I am looking for a Virtual Private Server Windows, with ColdFusion and Access, I would prefer with a lot of space MS-SQL in other cluster server

    By the way, why do you need a VPS? have excellent plans for shared ColdFusion hosting. I used their top CFMX plan for a long time before I downgraded to the middle plan because I simply didn't need all of the bandwidth etc. You get a LOT of shared MS SQL space.
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    Kovacs thank you for your reply.

    I have considered switching to linux/mysql since i don't use cfx tags. I'm not so much concerend with the database but my lack of expereince in Linux.
    Have you had much experience in Linux? I have none, but i'm sure i can pick up a book and learn the basics rather quickly. Will I need much more than that?

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    I have very little experience with Linux. I have a handbook (Linux cookbook). I ran BlueDragon for a brief while last May, but had too much problems with the server (probably not BlueDragon-related) but I am thinking of trying again. I too am looking for a good VPS host who offer ColdFusion, but it seems to me that BlueDragon is probably a much better alternative if you go the Linux route since you can get it for free - which means that if you get a managed VPS you can install BlueDragon on it and just focus on that rather than on maintaining the entire server.

    I have however not yet taken the "full plunge" to Linux for my ColdFusion sites - only for my PHP sites. So I am actually pretty much in the same situation as yourself.

    It is my experience that if you're not a skilled Linux user it does help to have a friendly host (I host with Liquidweb and SLhost at the moment) and also a couple of friends who know Linux well...
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    Hi augustino, offer ColdFusion on their Virtual Managed Server plans, though they're not *virtual servers* really.


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