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    Online business for sale

    Due to work restraints we have decided to part with one of our websites.
    It is an online bracelet store that sells high quality titanium bracelets, located at - It has a google PR rank of 4 and has grossed around 500 in sales since january with very very little advertising.

    It gets roughly 200 uniques a day

    All the inventory is listed and we have a very reliable account with a company that ships the bracelets for us - they accept paypal.

    The website is custom created and not your usual stock template.

    If anyone needs to ask any more questions just pm me.

    Open to offers.

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    Ill start it at $200


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    I'm in at $250

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    Can I check if we are bidding in $ or ?


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    Hi there its in dollars

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    Could you just confirm that the site has made _gross profit_ of 500 since Jan? or do you mean 500 in revenue?

    Just curious as this is obviously 100/month and with a starting bid of $200 thats only just over one months profit at the current exchange rate.

    Whats your average markup on the goods?

    When you say this other ocmpany ships them for you, do you mean they do drop-shipment (so you never see the bracelets) or they are simply couriers?
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    Hi there, thats total sales, we have however ordered bulk wholesale from them ie 50 bracelets and have got extremely good discount on them. Dropship method - you don't see the bracelet however the company is totally transparent. I hope this clears it up. We have been using them for over a year and a half now ( before the website) and they have been extremely good.

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    Markup - we are currently getting around 30 percent profit at present - however you can charge what you like for the bracelets and gain a bigger percentage. Also if you actually order the bracelets in bulk quantitys ( you ship them) you can earn a heck of alot more.

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