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    * Advertising with


    At present we are getting 7,000+ visits a month to the site, this figure is growing all the time as more and more people hear about us. Currently we have 623 members, averaging 89 new members a month.

    At present we can offer three different advertisement locations on, header, footer and the right margin. Each advertisement location has two different grade slots, shared and private. Shared slots rotate more than one advertisement at random, appose to a Private slot which will only display one ad.

    We can also provide you with an account to view and keep track of the statistics for your ad, this is a free service for anyone taking advertisement out with us, at there request.

    Another free service we can provide when taking out advertisement space is designing you a banner for your advertisement slot, as we realise not everyone may have the resources to do this them selves.


    The following prices are based on a per month basis, 6 month and 12 month slots can be purchased receiving discount.

    Banner sizes 260 x 60
    Header Shared 10.00
    Header Private 12.50

    Banner sizes 120 x 60
    Right Margin Shared 5.00
    Right Margin Private 7.50

    Banner sizes 260 x 60
    Footer Shared 7.50
    Footer Private 10.00

    A discount of 10% can be given if paying in 6 month blocks, or 15% discount
    for 12 month blocks.

    For more information on or taking out an advertisement slot please email us at [email protected] or PM me.

    NOTE: Hosting ads could be of great interest as a lot of the kiting community are setting up there own clubs hobby sites which mean domain names and hosting needed, just a thought
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    Still got spaces left. Any interest?

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    Am intreasted. Got msn?

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    yup sure

    darkromz [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

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    Is most of your traffic UK based?

    Also, what are your typical demographics?

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    its about 55% U.S and 45% UK going by Country stats.

    Note sure about this bit, if you explain more i will try and help
    what are your typical demographics?

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    What is the age group of your visitors?

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