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    Feelings about VPS Adult sites

    I have a client that we host for and we are under contract that our server does not host any "adult content" we are currently on a shared server with myriadnetworks and they don't allow adult sites.

    Well we want to go to a VPS server and it seems most of these do allow adult content. Servint Does not say this on their site but I have learned from my own research and many folks in here that they do accept adult content and Powervps obviously does.

    I am trying to figure out how seperate a VPS really is? If we go with PowervPs will we be breaking our contract with our clients that require no Adult content on any server that they host with?

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    wow that would be touchy, i guess from one viewpoint you wouldnt be sharing nameservers so they wouldnt be directly linked, but yes they might be on the same physical hard drive and sharing the same ram \ cpu. It could be viewed as being similar to being on the server above in a rack.
    I would be open and honest with your client, say that you wont be hosting any content of that site and their site wont be linkable via say nameservers of host ip, but they would have the same level of being linked as they would in any datacentre. You cant 'see' another vps on the server so to all intents and purposes you are seperate.

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