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    virtuozzo panel on liquidweb?

    i finally get an account with liquidweb, after 2 days of
    exploring it i found out that the

    httpd status in vps service of virtuozzo power panel
    is in RED "X" stopped mode.

    i tried to restart it in virtuozzo panel,
    it says "Operation start fails for service httpd"

    i checked the status via SSH httpd status
    its working ok.

    i asked the tech at liquidweb
    and he replied

    "Do not rely on the Virtuozzo Panel for this information. You should check WHM
    for status information for things that are controlled by cPanel. "

    should i just deal with the red "X" in virtuozzo panel for the rest of my life?

    is this a bug or what?
    any idea how to fix it?

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    It'll be because of the way that cPanel integrates with Apache, it slightly modifies it so Vz can't always see it running, so yes you have to live with it.


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    thanks for the reply.

    1. does that mean virtuozzo is not 100% compatible with cpanel?

    2. also, will the START/STOP/RESTART of httpd in virtuozzo will still work even though the status is unreliable?
    i mean can virttuozzo still be able to restart/stop/start the httpd via virtozo panel?

    3, theres no fix for this virtozzo/cpanel bug?

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    Im having the same problem and i am also with liqiudweb using their vps1 package..

    on the Virtuozzo control panel it is saying that httpd is down

    What i want to know is what is httpd ? and it is causing my ftp to go down "which is down" Cpanel is up....

    how do i correct this? because i has restarted Virtuozzo twice and ftp is still down..

    somebody please help..

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    Httpd is apache which is basically the ability to see webpages. Unfortunately Virtuozzo does not recognize cPanel so it sees the httpd as down, many VPS host have simply taken this feature out of Virtuozzo as to not in spite worry. But don't worry it's not a problem.

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    "What i want to know is what is httpd ? and it is causing my ftp to go down "which is down" Cpanel is up...."

    httpd is the http daemon. Basically, it's the part of your server that serves httpd (web) pages - generally, Apache.

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    I faced the same problem... leave it ****... softwares on linux are too complex..

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    Only use Virtuozzo to start/stop/restart the VPS. Unless you have Plesk, thats all that the Power Panel is good for. Ignore what it says about your services, and if you see something that looks wrong check inside cPanel or with the "service" command.

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