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    Question Cheapest unmanaged server


    I did try to search but just could not find the right answer: That is why am asking this question to experienced users (I did try the search).

    Who offers the cheapest unmanaged server. I want good hardware and very nice network stability.

    I want a Dual Xeon machine, 36GB SCSI hard drive, 1024MB RAM and 1000GB bandwidth. No need for any control panel.

    My budget is between $125 and $175 a month.

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    servers are no different than cars:

    You can get cheap, and reliable, but not fast.

    You can get cheap and fast, but not reliable.

    But for fast and reliable, it won't be cheap.

    You shouldn't be asking who has the cheapest offer, but who has the best (unless network stability/throughput isn't of concern to you).

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    I dont think you'll find any dual processor box for under $200.00 unmanaged, but I could be wrong.

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    Cheap server

    I need two servers with that configuration.

    I ordered the first one from resellerworkz and they meet this price. I am just wondering whether there are other companies (as well reviewed as this), so I can go to two providers and always have an option.

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    Base System Configuration:

    2 x Intel XEON 2.4GHz
    80GB IDE Hard Drive
    1024MB DDR RAM
    Bandwidth: 1000GB
    IP Addresses: 8 (5 usable)
    Private VLAN
    Basic Resource Monitoring
    FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Windows*
    100% Self Managed and Dedicated

    Monthly Fee Options:
    $169.00 (Plus One-time Setup Fee of $49.00)

    Fast & Reliable & Cheap

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