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Thread: Buying Domains

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    Buying Domains

    Looking for some cheaper domains, primarily .com, .net, and maybe some .us...looking to buy in the $1-$5 per range, maybe some stuff you have left over, don't want anymore, or things that only have a couple months before they need to be renewed, etc...

    Will consider lots of 1 domain to bulk offers...feel free to PM or email any offers...please price them individually, and/or by the lot
    ***NOTE i will not be "making offers"*** ...if you wish to offer, please include pricing...thanks to all in advance!

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    i`ve domains but not for that price .. if u want 4 characters domain i`m ready ..

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    i am interested in 4 char domains, i couldnt send you a pm, you dont have enough posts.

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    Both with namecheap
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