i'm doing some basic research on control panels. most of the control panels we've seen (propritetary/open source) allow the user to manage their systems in a similar manner. and as far as we can tell, there are some pretty good options.

we're more interested in the ability to track the software assets across various machines, and the ability to more or less manage the networking environment. we're also interested in the ability to not only download an app (ala cpanel/fantastic), but to download a tested 'stack' if you will. we're also interested in the ability to be connected to a network of other users of the app, for the handling/discussion of system/network problems...

our questions:
-does anyone know of anything/app like this...??
-would anybody be intererested in this kind of app??
-are there resources/people that we could talk to about the initial requirements if we were to go forth with this?

thanks for your time on this issue.

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