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    Exchange Hosting recommendations required

    I am looking for a manged Exchange hosting provider. Starting with 10 users for now which is expected to go up to 15 soon.

    Storage requirements range from 500MB for a couple of users to say 100 MB for all others. The server needs to be Blackberry enabled along with OWA access and an interface for administration. We may also need support for Trio later.

    I have no experience with anything Microsoft, so I need a few recommendations. What I have learned is that my needs don't qualify for going after a dedicated solution. Support and backup is critical as this solution is for an established company.

    Please throw in your recommendations and any experiences that you have had with different providers.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Since a web host cannot respond to your question by rules of this board.

    Try the host quote option under the find a host button drop down box at the top of the forum screen.
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    This is a list of companies that provide Exchange hosting (not my site):

    It's probably best to have it outsourced as you're planning to do. Be aware that Blackberry Enterprise for Exchange runs about $2,000 for the host to buy, plus between $50-$100 per user license. So you'll pay quite a bit more for this feature . Just by way of example charges $9.95 per month for each Blackberry-enabled device. (

    PLEASE let us know who you go with and write a review. There is a noticable absence of reviews regarding outsourced Exchange hosting, despite the fact there have been more requests of late for this service.
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