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    For Sale: Fully Built And Configured Hosting Site

    Hallo all!

    Recently; over the past 2 months or so i have been building and configuring my hosting site. .

    Finally about a week ago i finished it; and now i realise how hard it is going to be to satisify my customers with all the work im also doing at the moment. Currently there are 0 customers. With advertising there could be loads.

    Reason for sale: Havnt got time to satisfy customers; too much work to do.

    What You Get:
    The domain
    The beautiful template
    All the content
    1 month MSN or PM support OR I can design and configure the site to your liking for a bit extra
    All the SECURE scripting of paypal etc.
    All the scripting for the Package configuration -
    Your very own clientexec licsense.
    The professional TOS; AUP and Privacy Policy.
    The username "Reliable-Host" (Will change my name so you can change yours)

    What you need to provide:
    The Server/hosting; As there are no clients at the moment OR For a bit extra i can give you the hosting and configure it all
    The sales and support help.

    Open to any offers; NO BIN.
    Will end when i think i have recieved a good price
    Payment MUST be paypal!

    Need more info? Please post below, PM or Email [email protected]

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    Just wanted to know few things..
    Is this site submitted to all search engines
    Ever did seo for this?
    do you have any billing software integrated?
    waiting for your reply.
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    Hello; it is not submitted to any search engines but has been SEO'ed on site.

    Basically all it needs is a public release; the clietexec software is integrated and works perfectly...

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    Can i also say all offers are open; But be reasonable
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    Whats the status on this?
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    Currently no bids but am discussing with a person ... If that is any of you please reply to my recent email... (If my e-mail client hasnt messed up)
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    May i also post my AwStats; this is without advertising...

    Supprising how many directurls you get... Never knew was such a good domain!
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    Jun 2004
    $30 ? Zero bids so far...might as well kick it off.
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    I have now received a $100 through email; And am discussing a BIN price with that person. (Can proof screenshot if needed)

    Please bid further

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    SOLD! Please close
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