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    Search engine For Sale

    Well Im selling my search engine, Im Taking a break from The interenet, and am trying to get rid of everything so here it is.

    the link is Its using a free script that is simple to use, you add the sites to be spidered, click spider, and of it goes. Simple as that it does all the hard work for you.

    Currently i have spidered 11100+ pages, that is a huge amount you can find pretty much anything you want in. The spidering its self doesnt take a huge amount of time, but the more sites, the bigger the sites, the longer the time. I have spidered A Long list of sites from popular categories to help the search engine find its feet. 11100+ Pages is a huge amount to spider, and has taken an extremly long time to get that much as im sure you can imagine.

    Users can add links to the site for free, i coded a little script, the user just inputs a link, its saves it in a txt file, you copy the contents of the txt file and get it to spider, thats it really nothing to it, simple as apple pie. The whole template was desgined by me, including the header, the design follows throughout the whole site. Its all simple to use, Cant really get lost, and it looks good.

    The Stats arnt the greatest, Ive been working on adding links mainly.But as you can see if the past few days ive started to advertise a bit, and the stats have started to shoot through the roof (it hasnt updated for 25th fully). Could easily start making quite a bit of money selling ads on the site, Banners on the search page for instance, Endless really. Adsence could also increase the revenue created by the site. Could be a great little earner with a little work.

    I will also include this is a free image hosting site, newly started, could also be very big. No Limits, no rules, free script, extremely fast and simple to use.

    I will include hosting for both of theese sites, for 2 months for free.

    I am asking for $400, this is a bargain price, as the site could be huge with a little work. I need to make $400 from this, i really cant let it go much cheaper. All Payments Via Paypal. Any questions i will be happy to answer.

    Thanks alot
    - Dan - Admin Interface - Stats

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    This is a great deal, and its so easy to use!!

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    Stats page doesnt load for me.
    Is this the problem from my side, I dont have high speed internet.

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    Hmm Not sure about that, Please Try again as they are loading for me now.

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    Thanks for your quick reply. Yes , they load for me now

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    okay great! must just of been slow internet.

    Anyone interested in buying, i Need to get rid of theese.

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    Ammo - what are you using for the spider?
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    The script im using spiders the sites itself. Thats all there is to it, its real simple.

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    It doesn't matter. I recognised the spider from the output
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    Anyone interested, price lowerd to $380 ths is the lowest i can really go.

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    What script does it use?

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    price lowered to $300 i need a sale today, im also throwing in 7, 3 charecter domains!.

    all regged at domainsite!

    Need a sale today!!!!

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    I am sure this is a script i seen at

    i am using it on my search engine iHost v3 in beta Host Automation - iPanel v4 beta With Forced Ads in User Sites, illegal file scanner, and new post 4 hosting feature
    www.domainuptime.comSite monitoring

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    nope, its called phpdig, its another free script but alot better then that one. Anyone want to buy i need to sell all of this quickly!!!

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    price dropped to $260!!!! this is a great deal, could easily make alot of money with adsence, and be the net google with a bit of work.

  16. #16 is being sold.

    But you still get the 7 .info domains with the site, this is a great deal!!

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    we are interested in buying the search engine, please pm me your aim or msn , thank you

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    Bump, still for sale!

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