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    Need dedicated server in Germany

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    I've heard good things about ipxserver.

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    please, take me to ur website, i need more detail about that

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    Is it just me or are random people with 3-10 posts advertising ....
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    Well, we all have to start somewhere

    I'm just a lurker who decided to sign up to post; no affiliation whatsoever with ipxserver. I've just had some fast downloads from servers hosted there (I'm on an SBC DSL line), and know other people have recommended them before.

    In my experience, Germany has nice bandwidth to the States with decent latency.

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    I got root access to two .de servers from a German friend, one is with ipx (at HE?), and its alright.

    Other is with rackcheck, who are also fairly good stability wise (i cant comment support wise as I'm not involved with that side of things).

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    Can someone explain to me what this flatrate thing is at IPX?

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