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    Game Server - Kernel Version

    Yes I searched

    I currently have a dedi with Rehat 9 , and the 2.4 kernel . I am wondering if there will be benefit to moving to the 2.6 kernel, and Centos. (which version) This will be a pure dedicated game server, no other services running.

    Benefit meaning compatibility, speed, performance, etc. Does the 2.6 kernel have better memory and cpu managment, or will there really be no difference.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you are running Dual CPU I would definitely go 2.6. 2.6 has much better SMP support.
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    Just a single at this point.

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    CentOS 3.4 is a very stable platform, or even CentOS 4.0 (with s.6 kernel). The 2.6 kernel has quite a few things optimized and is definitely a better kernel than 2.4. It will definitely boost your performance.

    However, if everything is stable and you like the way your server is setup, I probably would not do it unless I'm sure it will not break some of the current settings. Kernel 2.6 is very nice.

    Hope this helps.
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    Kernel 2.6 memory management and SMP management is much better, as someone mentions. Both will help improve performance for gameservers. Moving to CentOS helps you update your server easily in the longer time frame. CentOs 3 has backported features from the 2.6 kernels so it should outperform a normal stock kernel. But I haven't notice it to be significant although it certainly is stable. Moving to CentOS 4 will howver give you the 2.6 tree of kernels without having to do a custom compile.

    You really don't have much to lose. Go for it.
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    Better SMP support and management.

    *edit* Just saw what sprint posted. He would be correct.
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    You can host fewer servers on a 2.6 kernel than you could on a 2.4
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    Why is that? If it has better resource managment, wouldn't it be likely that it would be more?

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    It also has a higher clock rate, so games perform better, but eat more CPU in the process.
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