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    Cool does anyone using DASP hosting?

    currently i host my forum with my forum usually only have 5-20 people online. i have used nearly 15GB bandwidth, oh my god, ~~~so much. i am thinking of upgrade to VPS now~~~~

    Total Bandwidth Usage for selected month : 14572.10 MB
    Current Bandwidth Quota : 16384 MB

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    I personally wouldn't upgrade to a vps quite so soon. There are plenty of hosts that can accomodate your needs and will charge you a lot less.

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    I need around 30-50GB bandwidth in 3 month~~

    bandwidth is so expensive~

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    Unless you know how to manage your own servers, I would not recommend upgrading to a VPS (unless it's a managed VPS). There are plenty of web hosts that can accomodate your needs with a shared hosting plan. You just need to find the right one

    Search the forums, or use the host quote feature on here.

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