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    Smile Visiting Afghanistan.

    Hello WHT!

    Has anyone ever been to Afghanistan? I'm spending my JUNE/JULY there , it's becouse my parents were born there but due to the war between RUSSIA and Afghanistan they came to Pakistan and we are now visiting back our country after 14 years I will be stayin' in Kandahar for 3 weeks and the rest i will be in Kabul.

    Any advice?
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    Enjoy yourself. Visiting different parts of the world is great. Given the location, the basic rules should be adhered too (regardless of wherever you are).

    - Inform your consulate.
    - Make sure your shots are up to date.
    - Safeguard your passport, and keep a photocopy of it on you at all times (in case your original gets lost).
    - Ensure you have money (cash is ok, credit is better). Make sure you know how to get cash wherever you are.
    - Never leave you luggage un-attended.


    Given it's Afghanistan I'd suggest you don't act like a tourist. I don't know what's safe there or not, but it's good advice in any country. Blend in, and respect where you are, and respect local customs.

    If you smile, say please and thankyou when you speak to people, you should do fine.


    Remember to take photos, and let us all know how it went.
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    Dont get tempted of buying cheap AK-47s etc, you will find better make in pakistan for less price. LOL

    Have fun and get lots of pictures, specially of oppressed women who are treated and traded like animals in that part of the world unfortunately Do something to help 'em!

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