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    Help! Cpanel HotLink protection issue


    Whenever I activate the hotlink protection in Cpanel in order to protect my audio and video files, even the links on my site do not work!

    Even after putting my site's URL as the exception to allow access, it simply won't work at my site at all?

    Does that mean the hotlink protection does not support mp3, m3u and wmv files or does it simply have bugs in their system?

    I'm sure I didn't do anything wrong as I've protected html files with no problems, but it won't work with audio and video files.

    If you have suggestions on how I can protect my audio and video files from bandwith thieves besides the hotlink protection method, please let me know.


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    hotlinking using cpanel (htaccess) will not work on audio and video files. A user can use the html embed tags to play the file directly from there site.

    put your files outside the public_html folder and use some file to access it - in this file you must write a method to allow those who are visiting your site only ...for instance, before user can get access to this file, the user must go through your main mainpage you can declare a session variable and assign a value to it. The file being responsible for reading your video file must check if the session variable is set....

    Just a briefly idea...I am using something like that with mysql to store some info for this matter as well...I wrote a script to allow the link created dynamically, and the user can only access to this link viewing source code and grab the link to the file will be useless.

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