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    is leethosting good?

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    Have you searched?

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    Never heard of them, I'm assuming you are talking about They have no contact information at all on their contact page.

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    From their Support page...


    For Support Please Do One Of The Following:

    Enter #leethosting on and pm either BBC or Graphite

    IM(Instat message) UltimateOnos or Graphite Nine on AIM(Aol Instant Messenger)

    Email [email protected] and get a quick response!

    No Phone #, No FAQ/Helpdesk, No livesupport. I'm going to have to say stay away. The contact email provided on the WHOIS pulls up a portal page (and a bunch of popups).

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    the support isn't very good, i have to admit that, but for the rest:

    they give you cpanel, wich is a very very nice system to add e-mail adresses and mysql databases and a lot of other stuff.

    the speed of the hosting is nice. if you are looking for a nice cheap hosting this is a nice hosting company. i have 2 domains at leethosting and i have to say, that i haven't seen it down in a year, and the speed has always been nice.

    they just need to fix the support. live support would be nice

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    Just me or does Brutus|UA seem a bit of a leet kind of guy if u get what i mean?

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    oh i have got nothing to do with the hosting company whatsoever. i have never installed a webserver, or touched one (well i have run a few webservers at school, but not for hosting purposes). i don't even know how to set up a domain

    got a link to this forum trough a friend, that was looking around here. he knew i was hosted at leethosting so he told me this.

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    Just because a company gives you CPanel doesn't mean they're great -- just look at everyone else, they offer it too.

    I'm still reinforcing my statement on choosing someone else, having only IRC, AIM, or E-mail support (No helpdesk, Phone, livesupport, or hell, even a message board!) should be an instant flag for anyone.

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    Amiden is right. Support is of paramount importance if you're hosting anything other than a personal fun site. And not just pre-sale support; this is usually fantastic but particularly the after sale support. That is where you'll find out if you have some kiddies owning the company or manning the help desk.
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    I don't know why they talk about their networks in the Contact page

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    I probably would of stopped when I saw the name... "Leet" Hosting...
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    gotta admit that the contact page looks weird

    well i haven't had any problems with leethosting so far, and it's cheap. i don't think its a great company for company's in my opinion, but if you wan't a website to be hosted for not much money, then why not i guess. the costs are very cheap, compared to webhosting company's in my country (50 euro's a month for this kind of hosting, some ask even more). there are a few things the company needs to change, but for the rest, the hosting is reliable, i have had about a half an hour down time in the last year, and they told it before it happened, trough an e-mail. but who am i, i am not someone that wan'ts to host websites, it's not my thing. most of the guyz here know more about this stuff then i do.

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    They must have rather a lot of cancellations as they have a cancellation page!

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    Originally posted by Duport
    They must have rather a lot of cancellations as they have a cancellation page!

    That makes no sense.

    It would be like saying a host must be getting a lot of sign ups because they have a sign up page.

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    They must have rather a lot of cancellations as they have a cancellation page!
    Or it might just mean: "If you're not happy with our service, you can always get out!"

    Seriously, it would be fair if the host would make it easy to cancel than otherwise, especially if the client has decided to go.
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