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    2globalmart: a long winded review

    Cliff's notes:
    Long time 2globalmart subscriber wishes to change hosts due to component issues
    Little information about 2globalmart found at WHT
    A nitty gritty of my review can be found at the end of this post
    Here's my review and long winded story

    I've been on an annually renewed Windows 2000 plan with 2globalmart for the past 4 years or so. Anyway, I'm in the market for a new host (see caveat below), and searched here for comparisons to my current host. To my chagrin, I found that there is very little information about my hosts here. To my surprise, I found that web hosting has become significantly cheaper since I signed up with 2globalmart. The only (well, sort of) caveat with the newer services was that all my ASP powered websites would need to be retooled in PHP. With the introduction of .NET and the proliferation of PHP, traditional ASP is outdated anyway. A total rewrite of my current code couldn't hurt.

    I feel like this forum is full of skeptics (and I'm no exception), and since I just joined I feel the need to address my credibility. I've been lurking these forums for the past few days in search of information on potential hosts. If WHT existed a few years ago, I'm certain I was a lurker then as well. If anyone is so inclined, I also go by this username on the Anandtech forums. As for why I'm even doing all this, the reasons are two-fold.

    In the control panel, I show up as a member of group "settlers". I know that I was one of the early adopters of this host, but that group designation makes me a little proud. I feel obliged to help the company out even as I leave it.

    The support staff has been great to me. Their timely and professional responses to all of my trouble tickets reflect wonderfully on the host. It sounds a bit silly, but since I know they're losing my business due to technical reasons, I hope that they'll continue to flourish without me.

    So that's my story. Now for the review.

    If you're looking for multiple domain Windows 2000 hosting, their prices are hard to beat. However, there is at least one major caveat. Their windows servers (I have no idea how they run their linux servers) only have a limited set of components installed. My subscription terminates 3/2006, but I found a script that detects installed components and plan leave said script available for WHT users to view.

    My original post contained links here; but apparently I need to post 5 messages before I can include links.

    choiweb dot net slash aspcomponents - General ASP Components
    choiweb dot net slash mailcomponents - Mail-specific ASP Components

    The short summary is that 23 out of roughly 300 popular ASP components are installed, and that CDONTS and CDOSYS are the only notable mail-specific components that are installed. (out of 8)

    Service and support with these hosts has been nothing short of perfect. I've always had my trouble tickets answered within 3-6 hours after submission- and I've submitted trouble tickets at all sorts of odd hours. They also send emails notifying users of any expected downtime (for maintenance) well in advance.

    The user interface offered by this host is H-Sphere. I thought it was the smartest thing ever. Apparently cPanel and DirectAdmin are all the rage these days though.

    The server itself is, if I recall correctly, located in Europe. (I wrote a calendar script from scratch and played around a lot with the time function....) Even still, speeds were adequate for my purposes. I usually maxed out my upload ~120k/sec to them, and pulled at roughly 60-90k/sec depending on time of day.

    The nitty gritty: If you just want to use raw ASP, these guys are great. If you want more advanced features that necessitate components and DLL registering, you're out of luck here. The service and support is fantastic.

    For the record, I am not invested in any material or monetary gains resulting from this post. This is wholly voluntary.

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    Just a note: with code that would work on a LAMP configuration (linux,apache, mysql, php) you'll find t he most available hosts.

    If you can rework your code you'll find much more availability - and just a note your current host may be able to suit your needs if you let them know!
    Web hosting by Fused For businesses with more important things to do than worry about their hosting.

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