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    Need Help on a Type of Dedicated Server

    Here is the situation...

    Currently I have a 10mbit unmetered dedicated server. The problem is that my inbound is 5-10 times as much outbound. I feel I am wasting money since outbound is really what you are paying for, IMO. So lets say I need roughly around 3000GB inbound traffic monthly and prolly around 100GB of outbound traffic per monthly could I cut a deal with a hosting company? Personally I just feel like I am wasting money going out with a full blown 10mbit unmetered when really I just need the inbound and not the outbound. I mean a 10mbit cable with a 768 kbp upstream would probably suffice. Well any feedback or recommendations are appreciated.

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    I'm sorry I don't mean to be nosy but you send 3000 GB to how many hard drives?

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    i would stick with your 10mbit as paing a host for 3000gb inbound is going to cost a lot more since even only offer 2000gb in and 2000gb out (total 4000gb)

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    What are you using the server for as if its backup some companies provide good deals on backup servers as inboundbandwidth (within certain limits and billing) is cheaper than outbound
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