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    Need a dedicated server in Russia


    I need a dedicated server in Russia. Needs at least 500MB HD space, and I prefer at least 100GB/month of data transfer (the more the better). I am looking to spend $200 or less per month, egold is best but credit card is fine too.

    Any suggestions about dedicated servers in Russia will be gratefully accepted. Note that I only speak english, and suggesting I get the server elsewhere will do me no good.

    Thank you!

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    You're going to be in for a big suprise.

    Russian bandwidth is expensive as far as I can tell.

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    Pretty much every where else is expensive except in the U.S.

    Good luck

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    Ignore price then.

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    If you speak English only, this may be a problem. Most hosting companies in Russia are targeting Russian customers, so the typical problems you will encounter are

    - Russian-only corporate web site

    - no English-speaking support personnel

    - requirement to sign a hosting contract (care to sign something you can't read?)

    - unwillingness to accept international payments

    - not many companies here accept credit cards

    - and so on.

    I would recommend renting a server in an European country that has direct connectivity with Russia, like Finland or GB. Check the topology and decide.

    If you still want a server in Russia, you can check They don't have an Engilsh web site, but you can try contacting them via email [email protected].

    This is the only hosting company I know. You might be able to find a better offer.

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    I from Russia, but have server in US, and cannot understand why you don't want take server in US. :-)

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