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    Exchange 2003 Bandwidth

    I currently have several companies that I'm hosting Exchange 2003 services for.

    One of my clients seems to have some problems with a high spam volume, worms, etc. It is causing this one client to use an absolute huge mass of bandwidth.

    I have disabled NDR's on my server to help cut down on unnecessary traffic.

    Is there anything I can do, short of cutting the client off to limit their email bandwidth?

    Here are what I think my options are:
    1) Beg the client to subscribe to my spam filtering service (outsourced)
    2) Beg the client to check his client computers for worms, viruses, spyware, etc.
    3) Charge the client a huge overage...angering him, and possibly losing him.
    4) Threaten to cut the client off.

    I also host website, SQL Server database, and some Terminal Server application hosting. So any strategies on throttling would be welcome.


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    Aren't there free mail servers out there where you could do a bit of re-direction & spam filtering smoke and mirrors to cut down on the traffic? You could then just change your MX records to point to this other, free host, let them clean up the spam, then redirect the mail back over to you.

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    Have you verified the Outlook 2003 clients are using Cached Exchange Mode? With the mode disabled the clients will push even more bandwidth than they should.

    If that doesn't help (or was already enabled), options #1 and #3 from your list are both viable. If you suggest antivirus or anti-spyware programs you'll be on the hook for supporting them. Consider asking them to hire an IT support shop if they don't have that service in-house.

    Cutting the customer off would only anger him, and threatening would have a similar effect. Don't feel bad if you end up having to bill for overage. You setup your pricing structure with reason; stick with it!

    Good luck!
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    The way we took care of this is that we do not do hosted exchange unless they have spam/virus services. We include the spam/virus services with the hosted exchange service. This cuts down immediately on the bandwidth that all of our clients use and we made this a requirement after we did this shared exchange thing for our first company and saw the problems with bandwidth utilization.


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    postini will be your friend, will filter the email before it hits the server.

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    Or proofpoint/f-secure which is what we do. We have had a lot of postini customers move over to proofpoint with us. Postini seems to be doing something that makes their < 50 user clients want to switch over.


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