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    Hi all

    Is there anyone using nocmanger to manage their colocation need. How do you find this product. Is it worth buying? Is there any other similar product on the market?

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    We are using it and regularly chat to Adam on MSN. Not had any real issues with the software and alot of our suggestions have been added into the product.

    Our clients seem to like it also

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    Talking NocManager Rocks!

    i've been using NOCM for a few months now, with two datacenters (one in Nashville, one in Atlanta) and have been really impressed with the speed at which Adam implements new features and bug fixes. i think that he's really on the right track with this thing, and we'll definitely continue using it as a centerpiece of our infrastructure. as far as i know, it's not for sale yet, but i've already paid for it as part of the beta program. it's worth buying, and the price point is right on.

    Adam has always been top-notch when it comes to support, and has walked us through several upgrades / installations of the product during the beta stage of development. He seems to be fairly close to the fire with ModernBill development as a whole, which will really help in the future with this product.

    there are some things 'missing' right now... the biggest being the ability to hook with ModernBill for bandwidth utilization billing. (for overages). as it stands, if you're looking for a great way to manage all the machines in multiple datacenters from one location, this is the tool to use... if you want to invoice your customers for overages... there are other tools out there that will accomplish this, but certainly not as good on the organization / layout aspect. (most of what i've seen out there for managing colo or dedi equipment is crap)

    i'm willing to wait until they get that part of the application completed, and will continue to manage overages manually until they do... rather than get set into some other 'alternative' that does this one part half-way... and the rest poorly.

    NOCM integrates easily with MRTG, 95th, and GBGraph... as well as Hybodus (though i haven't had the chance to try it yet because Hybodus is an absolute pain in the ***), ModernBill, APC masterswitch, and Kayako Esupport. It has IP Management, Remote Reboot request, and control panel login capability built in (though i think that is still a bit tweaked)...

    personally, i'm looking forward to the integrated image server NOCM has got planned.

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    The bandwidth billing is something I am keen to see too.

    We are using it with Hybodus - its good. Would be nice to have the "host" added to Hybodus when you add a machine/host to NOCM - however, I want toooo much

    XILO Communications Ltd.
    t: 0800 848 8468 (UK)
    e: sales [at]

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    Thumbs up

    NocManager is good software, Adam is working on it continuously and he's very professional.

    The software is not in a production release yet but it's already working great. Just get in touch with Adam and he'll set you up

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    Just to update this thread.

    The product is finally released and is available for demo or purchase at

    Been using it, tied it into Hybodus and modernbill - works like a charm. Currently tying it into the APC Reboot.
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