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    Buying webmaster-targeted ad space

    I'm looking for space to advertise again -- 468x60 or text links preferred. Established, quality sites only, and published prices or self-service advertising preferred.

    Feel free to post any space available, or even suggestions as to sites you'd recommend advertising on.
    Dan Grossman - dan @
    My Blog | Affiliate Program for Web Hosts

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    Dan, how would you like to display your advertising at a price no PPC search engine would match and get premium exposure leading into true targeted leads?

    Then you have to look into a quickly growing community for web hosting professionals, enthusiasts and those visiting us looking for a great deal.


    Currently only 2 spots are available for the HEADER banner location, which most of the time is actually not available. 10,000 impressions are sold at a rate of $7 CPM, lower than what our competitors charge.


    This one is a rare get as well. Currently only 1 text-link spot is available starting June 1. Everything else is sold out till late/end of year.

    1-2 months: $95/mo
    3-5 months: $80/mo
    6-9 months: $65/mo
    10-12 months: $50/mo

    Your text-link is direct and located on top of every page to give you 100% reach and maximum premium exposure. It is not rotated.

    Let me know if you find anything interesting.

    For other Internet/webmaster related deals and discounts, please visit:

    Hosting Discussion - web hosting community.

    Is your company represented?

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    I have exactly what your looking for, almost all of our members are webmasters, Post4Hosting has been providing free web hosting for more than 7 month, your banner should recieve at least 50,000 impressions, banners are not rotated, here are the stats:

    - 1884 unique visitors last month, 2200 until today of this month
    - PR2
    - 989 forum members with 13535 posts.

    You can view last months stats here here

    Advertising options
    - 468*60 banner on all forum pages, $8 per month, one spot available.
    -120*60 banner under affiliates on the side panel $4 per month
    -Text links under Partner links are available for $3 per month
    -Site wide text link on the forums footer are available for $5 per month.


    Payments by PayPal, payments by CC can be arranged through 2CO


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    I think my offer thread suits your needs.

    PR6 - (mambo resources)


    PR5 - (free forum host)

    Please see more details HERE.

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    There is currently advertising space available on Free Webmaster Help ( a webmaster tutorial site. This is a PR 6 site, and receives approx 3,000+ unique visitors each day.

    I am offering 250,000 impressions of the top banner for $150.

    Your impressions will last approximately 1 - 2 months but can be set to last a specific number of days if needed.

    Full site statistics are available on request, but on average approximately 260,000+ impressions are served in that position each month.

    Payments must be by PayPal. You may place any 468x60 banner of your choice in the space. It can be HTML, an image or Flash (subject to review). You may place text links in this space if required.

    No adult or gambling sites please.

    Please contact by PM or reply here if you wish to purchase.

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    Anyone else?
    Dan Grossman - dan @
    My Blog | Affiliate Program for Web Hosts

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    - $40 - static banner
    - $30 - static 120x60 banner
    - $25 - text link
    all prices per month

    Let me know if interested.


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