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    VPS harder to manage?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking into getting a VPS. You see, I need one in order to install an Apache module that I want for my website. However, after some research, looks like VPS is much harder to manage than your average shared hosting plan. It seems it requires a bit of Server Admin knowledge and the such. The three areas that have come up to me as a concern are the learning curve, time, and security.

    About the learning curve, looks like I will need to learn some Server Admin. Is this true? Do VPSs' really require much Server Admin knowledge (or anything besides plain shared hosting knowledge)? If so, please enlighten me on the subject

    Also looks like I'll have to be more dedicated. It seems that its going to now be MY job to secure and manage the server. How much time will this take, and can you please give me some tips on VPSs?

    About security... VPSes are like dedicated servers, you need to secure them yourselves, right? If so, please tell me how, and give me some recommended security measures so my site doesn't get hacked the minute it goes online

    I am aware of Managed server and Semi-Managed etc. Do they make much of a difference? What would be the difference between a Managed and non-Managed server?

    Thanks for all your replies, I am a little unknowledgable in this subject. I like asking questions, you see

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    Generally if you have an unmanaged VPS then you are correct that it needs securing like a dedicatd server. If you have a managed VPS the provider should be able to help.

    Really the best thing however is to pay someone to secure the VPS for you as its one of those things that tale many years of expierence to learn

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    As far as a VPS goes, yes it's very similar to a dedicated when it comes to security/hardening etc.

    Based on your questions I'm guessing you don't know too much about server admining. This can take some time, depending on what's going on in your OS's community. You'll need to stay current on what's the best version of software to be running, what modules need to be installed, etc. It really becomes something you have to embrace to do a good job. Reading tech sites etc.

    I would strongly reccomend just paying a server manager to handle all this for you if you are not *truely* interested in learning. They are getting cheaper and cheaper with more reliable services. Take a look around the forums for a dedicated admin - and you can find what you're looking for for only 30-100/month (depending where you go).

    Hope this helped.

    -Kirk Johnson

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    I would highly recommend you also get a server management company or at least someone to harden your server.

    rack911 handles the hardening of my personal servers - I would recommend you contact them and get a quote on the VPS hardening.

    That said - its going to be as complex as managing a dedicated as it is the exact same.

    Find a company willing to offer great support and handholding for some of the other details and you'll be fine.
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    I agree with the comments above. I would say that for most people just trying to learn sys admin to run their single server is, at a minimum, a difficult and time consuming task. The phrase "you know just enough to be dangerous" comes to mind. Good managed VPS providers will help, but that's not enough. They just get you started. hth

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    Thanks for all the help guys, but paying anyone is definetely not an option for me. Not enough money, you see. Unless someone will do it for $5 a month... thats a maximum BTW

    I actually am willing to learn server admin, just not all of it, just all that's neccessary. Could you guys tell me some tips on how to secure a VPS? At least some neccesary measures.

    About the software, the VPSes I'm looking into have CPanel and an OS (of course), and they look pretty high quality and will update their software. Just what should I do?

    Once again, thanks for all the advice!

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    Some VPS providers such as PowerVPS (which I use) and Liquidweb do a lot of security configuration for you during initial setup, plus will do other stuff upon request. Just ask, I'm sure many others will as well.

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    Exactly, those are actually the two main ones I'm looking into, along with servint. I'm currently leaning a bit towards LiquidWeb, because they have a nice $10 off monthly for the lifetime of the deal deal. Plus they say they're managed... all of them do in fact (if I'm right).

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    Yes, all three are managed and probably fairly similar in what they will do for you. Pricewise PowerVPS still comes out cheaper even with the LW deal but then then not everything about the plans are exactly the same.

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    i Have seen managed VPS companies out there that will really make it an easy transition for you.

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    Yes, PowerVPS comes out $5 cheaper. But LiquidWeb will give you two times as much space for that extra $5.

    So you guys are saying if its managed then there should be absolutely no problem for me? Nothing to learn?

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    Yes there will be stuff to learn, how much depends on how much installing, upgrading, tuning, & tweaking you want to do. If your website is just going to sit there and run there's not as much to do. If you were supporting clients then you'd better know a lot more. Personally I just run my own website on one and enjoy learning things a little bit here and there as I have time. I was unsure at first so just decided to do a one-month trial and keep my previous hosting service active so I can fall back to the old one anytime (keeping a low DNS ttl).

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    I will be supporting clients, (free) hosting clients to be exact (WHM/CPanel). I will be wanting to install an Apache mod (the reason I want a VPS in fact), and other stuff like that.

    That in itself should be some learning, I presume. Would I just follow some directions, or do I need to learn some terms (like CHMOD for regular hosting, etc.)? Could you guys tell me a good site for this kind of information if I need to learn about it. Like a reference-for-newbs site. Thanks!

    Also, what is "semi-managed" hosting? Would I need to learn much more for semi-managed than for managed?

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    Can someone please answer my questions? Don't mean that to sound irritated. Thanks for everything!

    Here, I'll repeat my questions to make it easier:
    Does Apache mod installation require much knowledge? How much?
    Can you guys give me a good reference website for Apache mods?
    What is the difference between all the levels of managed hosting (semi-managed, etc.)?

    Once again, thanks!

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    Usually the Cpanel, Direct Admin, and Plesk control panels have apache installed.
    You can find the definition of management on the companies website, or by contacting them.

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    I understand that, I'm talking about the MODS. Like mod_layout?

    Thanks for the help, contacting the company right now. Can you give me a general definition though?

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