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    Server Hardening

    I just bought a dedicated server and I'm going to hire someone to harden it for me. Resellerworkz offers the following security plans:

    # Installation and configuration of Firewall
    # Check for rootkits on the server
    # Hardening of /tmp directory
    # Watchmysql - MySQL monitor
    # Extended Binary Hardening
    # Phpsysinfo
    # Version checker
    # PAM resource limiting
    # Disabling Telnet access
    # Formail checker
    # Tweak MySQL
    # Install & configure Portscanner

    # PSAD - Port Scan Detector
    # PRM - Process resource monitor
    # PMON - Network socket monitor
    # AIDE installation and configuration
    # BFD - Brute Force Detection
    # SPRI - System priority configuration
    # SIM (System Integrity Monitor) Installation and configuration
    # WhoCompiled - Check for compiler usage
    # LogWatch - installation & configuration
    # RAID Checker installation
    # Mod-dos installation and configuration
    # Logrotator installation and configuration
    # Iftop installation and configuration

    # Kernel update with grsecurity
    # Mailqueue cleaner
    # Harddisk cleaner
    # mailmon - sendmail monitor
    # Snort w/Acid configuration
    # MRTG installation and configuration
    # APF with antidos capability (optional)
    # Mod_security module for Apache (optional)

    I know what some of this stuff is, but I'm curious to know if any of these security features are counter-productive or if they may have undesirable side-effects? My box is running CentOS & CPanel. With that in mind, which of these plans is the best bet?

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    Almost every security measure is counter-productive in one way or another. In any event you should not have any problem witha ny of those packages.
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    I think those listed were the commonly used in cPanel system (WHT), should be fine with it.

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    The first one is really basic and you can do it yourself in like 15 minutes. I would save the money and go learn how to do it yourself...more fun that way anyways.

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