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    How to setup a mail server...

    Ok, i have been using fedora core 3 for a while now, and i would like to setup the mail server part. I would like to find out how to do so... because i have never messed with the mail system, is there a tutorial out there on how to do so. Also i would like to use squirrelmail for the client side. I also would like to know how to manage the users and domain names.

    Plz help

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    If you need this ASAP, I'd suggest you research a webhost that offers a control panel to make things like that simple, but ask your webhost first about cPanel or Plesk, they most likely will offer one. I prefer cPanel. And cPanel does offer squirrelmail, user management, and domain management.

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    It is a server i own, so no one manages it cept me, but i did find this great tutorial to install qmail...

    What do u think about qmail?

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    I moved from Sendmail to Postfix a few years ago and never looked back. It's easy to configure and there is a lot of support for it on the web with various utilties and the like.

    PLUS it's very easy to configure it to use a database to set up virtual domains, meaning it's very easy to add users who

    A)Don't have a system account
    B)Reside on a different domain than the email server

    Setting up Postfix + MySQL + Courier-IMAP + Mailman + vmail + Procmail + SpamAssassin

    Can't comment on qmail, i've never used it .
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    Originally posted by blisswebhosting
    I moved from Sendmail to Postfix a few years ago and never looked back.
    I'd second the Postfix recommendation. Though it took me a long time to get Postfix virtual domains working with iPlanet LDAP, mostly due to having to tweak LDAP schemas, it is a great, very flexible and open solution.

    Qmail is also broadly used and highly recommended.

    Cyrus is considered very good when you have huge scaling requirements. I found it too daunting to setup for a small 10-20 user environment and went with Postfix+Courier+ClamAV+Spamassassin.

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    I recommend that guide -
    I used it to setup my home email server and it was great.
    Have had no problems with it for over a year.
    Give it a try


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    Postfix - I am SO in love with it. Power, speed, configurability, extendibility, safety, documentation.

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    buzy mail servers use Postfix
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    yes id like to know how to send up mail to, im assuming its out of the box with sendmail.

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