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    Looking for trustworthy individual to pass server management job off onto


    Working 2 jobs has taken its toll.

    I have had a customer referred to me by someone, and I cannot take the job due to time restraints.

    Basically, it is a CentOS server with Plesk. Individual needs to transfer sites from old servers to this server, setup new domains, and optimize and secure new server. Individual MUST be VERY adequetely versed in CentOS and FreeBSD (old server), and able to do this job with NO screw-ups.

    I must stress that I can only consider trustworthy individuals, so please only contact me if you are a serious candidate.

    I have quoted this person 45$/mo to manage the server (after the initial setup, there should be very little to no management issues), and that is what you will have to be taking for it as well.

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    I highly recommand AcuNett.

    You can contact Rob or Ronny for more details. They know what they do and if they can't do it, they will tell you in advance.

    Good luck...

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