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    newbie's website

    Hey everyone, I am a newbie to the world of webhosting. I am thinking about selling a ebook I wrote online and is planning to built a website similar to Please feel free to give me some suggestions of which hosting service should I use? Thanks a lot

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    We can't really give recommendations, it's against the rules.
    But look at various poster's signatures for links, check out the "offers" forum, and if you want some suggestions from other people here narrow down your "wants" a little more. It's obvious you want e-commerce but a little more detail might help people point you to the best things to look for in a host for what your plans are.

    PS: There are always "too good to be true" offers and they almost always are but you will want to look for a host where you can easily upgrade your "plan" (and most hosts will, free and easy, but a few hide fees in there somewhere) so if your book "takes off" you can upgrade as needed. By the same token I strongly suggest month to month rather than paying for a year in advance or whatever because you don't know where you will be 6 months from now.
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    Try searching the forums. There are many webhosting companies registered on here.

    Just remember "You get what you pay for...".

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    Hi davegaon,

    Real good advice from DDT and also make sure that the host you choose has a solid guarantee in place and call them or email their sales department and ask them alot of questions and concerns that you may have. Good luck with your search.

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    search wht and never pick the first one you see give yourself some options look at there tos and test there support time

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    Search the offers section then pick out a few good hosts and then search for reviews either on this site or on a search engine.
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    We can't really give recommendations, it's against the rules.
    Recommendations are allowed as long as members don't recommend themselves and they have first hand experience with the service they're praising.

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    There are many of the hosts around who can provide you advise on this one but they cannot place their offers in this section. It is better if you could check with their respective websites and check with the offers and deals offered by them.

    Another place where you can find the offers is the advertisement forums in here.

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    Just look around the offers forum and make sure they have uptime gaurtentees and aren't just too good to believe and you should be good. =)

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    Just dont do this:

    Thread titled
    [dirtcheapwebhosting] Crappy Support

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    You should check it with those registered at WHT, or a web directories and also visit some other forums for getting the general review, donít be hurry on selection, get some option, check their uptime, reliability, response time, plan etc.

    Follow the valuable instruction given by other members here.

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    make sure they have uptime gaurtentees
    Actually, he should make sure that they have good uptime, as opposed to the simple presence of an uptime guarantee. IMO, an uptime guarantee is virtually worthless for a money making website, as it is limited to the money you're paying for hosting.

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    Well, it's a jungle out there.... I have researched a number of companies, and have found some that seem OK, and that I'm using myself. But those are just examples.... surely there are many other good hosts also.
    Good luck with your e-book!
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    not allowed to make suggestions? what?

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    We're not allowed to advertise ourselves... I Leanred the hard way (20 warning points)
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