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    Max_Packet_size ! We cannot backup our large forum attachment table

    Dear webmasters !

    I hope you all are in the best of your spiritual and physical health. We are trying to move our vbulletin forum account from dedicated server to VPS but cannot backup the attachment table. We get error in Max_packet_size regardless of what value we put in.

    We run a foriegn language forum and a large number of our members post attachments (we write our language script in inpage software and convert that file into graphic file. We post this graphic file as attachment).

    Please help before its too late.

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    What are you using to export the database?

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    We are using SSH to back up.

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    How much is your database size.

    Try to take the backup of database with this my.cnf configuration.

    set-variable = key_buffer=1280M
    set-variable = max_allowed_packet=2000M
    set-variable = table_cache=5000
    set-variable = sort_buffer=10M
    set-variable = join_buffer=128K
    set-variable = record_buffer=1M
    set-variable = net_buffer_length=16K
    set-variable = myisam_sort_buffer_size=6M
    set-variable = thread_cache=4
    set-variable = wait_timeout=120
    set-variable = max_connections=800
    set-variable = max_user_connections=800
    set-variable = query_cache_size=8M
    set-variable = query_cache_type=1
    set-variable = wait_timeout=60
    set-variable = thread_concurrency=2
    set-variable = thread_cache_size=300

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    I would very much not advise using the above configuration. The configuration options are incurrect and or outdated and the options really depend upon which version of mysql you are running.

    Under what mysql config heading are you placing the directive ? Can you paste your current /etc/my.cnf for us to see so we may recommend something for you. Also, what version of mysql are you running currently.

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